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The Elcometer 139 Amine Blush Chip Screen Test Kit is a rapid colorimetric test designed solely for the use in the quick and immediate identification of amine blush (carbamates) on the surface of coatings using small chips or shavings.


The presence of amine blush is indicated by a visual change of colour of the test solution when compared with a control sample.

The Elcometer 139 determines whether amine blush is or is not present on the coating’s surface.



Technical Specification


Part Number



Amine Blush Chip Screen Test Kit


172 x 110 x 100mm (6.75 x 4.25 x 4.00”)


310g (10.9oz)

Packing List

20 x Polystyrene Sampler Test Tubes of 1.0ml (0.035fl oz) buffer solution, 1 x Test tube of Diluent Part A solution, 1 x Test tube of Diluent Part B solution, 2 x Diluent Transfer Pipettes, 3 x Test Part A dropper bottles - containing ACh-E powder (freeze dried), 3 x Test Part B dropper bottles - containing ATC powder (freeze dried), 1 x Test Part C dropper bottle - containing Chromogen DTNB solution, 1 x Scissors, 1 x Re-sealable plastic bag for content disposal, 1 x User Guide.





Test Tube Stand


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